Buying property in Turkey, obtaining residency and citizenship

Obtaining Turkish residency by buying property and renting an apartment in Turkey

By buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey, in addition to using the special conditions for selling the apartment in installments, you will receive a six-dong document and a permanent residence (passport) in Turkey.

خرید ملک در ترکیه

Buying and selling property in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey with regard to amenities, six-dong document and in the name of the buyer (without the need for a guarantor), reasonable price and terms of purchase (pre-sale and installment sale), for risk-free investment and obtaining Turkish residency and citizenship, a suitable option Is.

Apartment for sale in Istanbul

Sale of newly built and ready-to-deliver apartments and buildings or under construction and residential and commercial complexes with security and welfare facilities (security, heating, parking, internet, swimming pool, sauna, sports club, restaurant, barber shop) in Istanbul, Turkey Permanent residence and Turkish passport is the specialty of Yeni Group.

Immigrating and obtaining residence in Turkey

A growing economy, proximity to Iran, proximity to Europe, membership in the G20, easy immigration laws, investment security, reasonable prices, inflation and reasonable profits, and securing a Turkish passport are some of the reasons why Iranian investors are attracted to the Turkish real estate market.

KELLER WILLIAMS consulting group

KELLER WILLIAMS Consulting Group with years of successful experience in real estate transactions in Turkey and obtaining Turkish residency and citizenship, relying on Turkish legal experts and lawyers and Persian-speaking consultants, is able to provide professional services to our dear compatriots.

Sale of newly built apartments and commercial and residential units ready for delivery and pre-sale of projects under construction, providing advice for buying villas in Turkey, performing the legal process of buying property and obtaining a title deed, consulting and guaranteeing the best price to buy a house in Istanbul, receiving a passport and Permanent residence in Turkey ...

Buy and sell apartments in Turkey

Investment in Turkish real estate (residential, commercial and office), buying and selling apartments and houses in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Immigrating to Turkey and obtaining a residence permit in Turkey

مهاجرت به ترکیه و اخذ اقامت ترکیه

Immigration to Turkey

Turkey is the best choice for immigration due to investment security, incentives and facilities, job and education opportunities, economic growth, reasonable cost of living in Turkey and a common culture.

Obtaining residence in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey is the best option for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, considering the amenities, a six-dong deed in the name of the buyer, reasonable price and purchase conditions (pre-sale and installment sale).

Turkish real estate market

Neighborhood with Iran, growing economy, proximity to Europe, reasonable prices, inflation and reasonable profits and guaranteeing a Turkish passport are some of the reasons for attracting Iranian investors in the Turkish real estate market.

Turkish passport

By renting or buying a property in Turkey, you can get an annual residence permit in Turkey, but if you buy a property for more than $ 25,000, you can apply for citizenship and get a Turkish passport.

Why immigrate and stay in Turkey?

10 important reasons why Turkey is a suitable and safe option for investment, immigration and residence of Iranians.

Obtaining permanent residence in Turkey

The Turkish government has provided easy and guaranteed conditions for fast permanent residency for commercial and residential property buyers and foreign investors.

Turkish culture and civilization

The people of Iran and Turkey are culturally close due to their geographical neighborhood and trade exchanges, political, social, religious conditions, living conditions, and so on.

Employment and education in Turkey

The young population, the growth of the private sector and the acceptance of foreign nationals in society have created many job and educational opportunities for foreign nationals.

Geographical location of Turkey

Turkey's proximity to Iran and Turkey's geographical proximity to EU countries have made Turkey a bridge between the Middle East and European countries.

Cost of living in Turkey

Welfare facilities and living expenses in Turkey are more suitable for the Iranian people than other options available for Iranians to immigrate.

The economic situation of Turkey

Turkey has a growing economy with a steady rate of economic growth and acceptable inflation. The government has balanced the country's budget by reducing corruption and reducing debt.

Property prices in Turkey

The selling price of an apartment in Turkey and the cost of renting a house in Turkey are more suitable than other options available for the Iranian people to immigrate.

Turkish business conditions

The development of technology and infrastructure and the reduction of their costs have provided special opportunities for the development of trade and business activities for the private sector.

Turkish passport and citizenship

Turkish citizens have the most valid passports among Iran's neighbors, and with a Turkish passport they can travel to more than a hundred countries without a visa.

Investing in Turkey

Turkey has provided a safe environment for foreign investors by easing investment restrictions, offering trade incentives and tax breaks.

Pre-sale and installment sale of apartments in Turkey

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KELLER WILLIAMS Consulting Group, with years of successful experience in buying and selling houses and apartments in Turkey and relying on legal experts and Persian language real estate consultants, is proud to provide professional real estate services in Turkey to our dear compatriots.

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